MRC Maxi 48-well Crystallization Plate

The MRC Maxi plate is an optimization plate in a 48 well format, designed by the MRC Cambridge. The plate offers large sitting-drop wells and is compatible both with standard robotic systems as well as manual pipetting. 
It complements the original MRC crystallization plate, which is intended for smaller drop volumes and higher throughput during screening. 
The plate is available in virgin Polystyrene and in an highly UV transparent polymer.

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Referencia Descripción Cantidad Precio
CPL-155S MRC Maxi Plate - Polystyrene 10 pcs. 71,00 €
CPL-155L MRC Maxi Plate - Polystyrene 100 pcs. 638,00 €
CPL-154S MRC Maxi Plate - UVP 10 pcs. 84,00 €
CPL-154L MRC Maxi Plate - UVP 100 pcs. 727,00 €

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