MicroRT™ Tubing Kit and MicroRT™ Aligner

MiTeGen’s patented MicroRT™ capillary system is the answer for room temperature diffraction screening and data collection. Go from a crystal in a drop to a crystal in the X-ray beam at room temperature in 2 minutes with 99% chance of success. Collect room and low temperature data from the same crystal to evaluate your crystal and cryopreservation protocol. And use saturated salt solutions to controllably dehydrate crystals and improve their order. 

Kit contents 
Each bottle of MicroRT Tubing contains twenty 38 mm (1.5") long clear polyester tubes sealed at one end, an extra-keen razor blade for cutting the tubes to a desired length, and a tiny tube of grease for lubricating the base.
Mitegen MicroRT
  • Allows rapid screening of crystals at room temperature, to help maximize the efficiency of your crystallography pipeline.
  • Easy sample mounting with little risk of crystal loss or damage.
  • Easy collection of both room and low-temperature data from the same sample.
  • Easy sample visualization and alignment, especially for small crystals.
  • Capillary tubing is easily cut and sealed, and gives significantly less background X-ray scatter than glass capillaries.
  • One size capillary fits all, and capillaries are reusable, lowering your cost per measurement.
Referencia Descripción Cantidad Precio
GLPT-1 Gel Loading Pipette Tips 200 pcs. 99,00 €
RTA-1 MicroRT Aligner 1 pc. 153,00 €
RT-T1 MicroRT Tubing Kit 1 Kit 90,00 €

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