MicroGripper™ provide a new approach to retrieving and mounting samples. They can be used in two different ways. Slide the tip under your sample, and the long thin flexible fingers provide the most delicate support possible. They are ideal for thin plates and other very fragile samples.

Alternatively, push the tip down onto a “chunky” sample, and the fingers will delicately grip it without damaging it (yes, even for protein and virus crystals), holding it firmly in place. This positive gripping action is unique: all other mounting tools rely on liquid surface tension and adhesion forces to hold a sample in place. Microgrippers allow “dry” samples to be mounted without the use of adhesives.

Microgrippers are ideal for X-ray data collection at and near room temperature. They eliminate the slipping during data collection that occurs when crystals are mounted in X-ray capillaries, and eliminate the need to encase the sample in viscous oils to limit this slipping.

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