Memb-PASS™ Filtration Plates

Use less protein and accelerate the process of crystallizing membrane proteins using the new patent-pending Memb-PASS™ (Prompt Assay of Size and Stability) technology from Omscientia. Dr. Michael Wiener and members of his laboratory at the University of Virginia, have developed, and licensed to Omscientia, the Memb-PASS™ method for membrane protein crystallography. 

Referencia Descripción Cantidad Precio
MP-MWCO-5-H High MWCO Filtration Plate 5 pcs. 320,00 €
MP-MWCO-5-L Low MWCO Filtration Plate 5 pcs. 320,00 €
MP-MWCO-Kit Memb-PASS(TM) High and Low MWCO Filtration Plates 10 pcs. (5 plates each) 574,00 €

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