Goniometer Bases

Goniometer bases (sometimes called "caps") are used to hold MicroMounts, MicroLoops,MicroMeshes and MicroGrippers in X-ray crystallography and related applications. The stainless steel rod of these products fits into the central hole of the base. 

Mitegen’s bases are compatible with standard cryo tools, with MiTeGen's Magnetic CryoVials and all other commercial cryovials, with all magnetic goniometer head mounts and sample automounting hardware, and with loop sample mounts from other manufacturers. 

Unlike other available bases, our patented designs tightly capture the MicroRT™ capillaries to allow easy and seamless room-temperature and low-temperature data collection. 

We offer several designs to ensure compatibility with both protein and small molecule crystallography hardware and with all sample automounters. 

The goniometer bases are available in standard and barcoded version (Cat.# HT). Type B3, B3A and B3S can be obtained as reusable bases as well. Please follow the links in the table below to learn more about the various types and styles. Apart from B4 all goniometer bases are available with (Cat.# GBV) or without (Cat.# GB) Magnetic CryoVials. 

Regular Bases Reusable Bases
Base Style Image Typical Pin Length Compatible Automated System Standard HT Barcoded Standard HT Barcoded
B5 Mitegen Goniometer Base B5 18 mm SPINE GB-B5 HT-GB-B5    
B1 Mitegen Goniometer Bases B1 19 mm SAM GB-B1 HT-GB-B1    
B2 Mitegen Goniometer Base B3 11 mm GB-B2      
B3 19 mm GB-B3 HT-GB-B3 GB-B3-R HT-GB-B3-R
B1A Mitegen Goniometer Bases B1A 18 mm ALS GB-B1A HT-GB-B1A    
B3A Mitegen Goniometer Base B3S 19 mm GB-B3A HT-GB-B3A GB-B3A-R  
B4 Mitegen Goniometer Base B4 18 mm - GB-B4    


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