Data Collection & Cryo Crystallography

Cryo Screens

Efficient screening for suitable cryoprotectants

Sample Retrieval and Mounting

MicroMounts™, MicroLoops™, MicroMeshes™, and MicroGrippers™ from MiTeGen

Sample Manipulation and Measurement

MicroTools™ Kits 1, 2, and 3; Mitegen Labs™ from MiTeGen

Cryo and Room Temperature Crystallography

Crystallography Starter Kits, MicroRT™ Tubing and MicroRT™ Aligner, Goniometer Bases (Caps), Reusable Bases and Magnetic CryoVials, Mount-Base-Vial Assemblies, LV CryoOil™, NVH Oil and Apiezon N from MiTeGen

Crystal Storage

Dewars, CryoCanes, CryoSleeves and more...


Goniometer Head Adapter, Paper Wicks, Tweezers and Pin Cutters 

Precios válidos para España y Portugal. Para el resto de paises pongase en contacto con nosotros

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