Crystallization Plates & Accessories

24 Well Plates

  • -Linbro Plates: The classic hanging-drop crystallization plates
  • -SuperClear™ Crystallization Plates: 24 well hanging-drop crystallization plates from Crystalgen - available ungreased & greased
  • -ComboPlates™ and CrystalBridges™: Universal 24 Well Plate with Lid for Crystallography from Greiner Bio-One - available ungreased & greased
  • -Clover™ Plates: Advanced 24 well plates for sitting and hanging-drop set-ups from Emerald BioSystems

48 Well Plates

  • -MRC Maxi Plate: An optimization plate in 48-well format, designed by the MRC Cambridge

96 Well Plates

  • -CrystalQuick™ Crystallization Plates: 96 well plates with different well formats and features from Greiner Bio-One
  • -CrystalQuick™X Crystallization Plate: 96 well plate for in situ X-ray analysis from Greiner Bio-One
  • -CrystalEX™ Crystallization Microplates: 96 well sitting drop protein crystallization plates from Corning® Life Sciences
  • -Next Generation CrystalEX™ Crystallization Microplates: Second generation protein crystallization plates from Corning® Life Sciences
  • -MRC 2-well Crystallization Plate and 3-well Crystallization Plates: 96 well sitting drop plates with either 2 or 3 protein wells by SWISSCI
  • -HDP Hanging Drop Crystallization Plate: 96 well hanging drop plate from SWISSCI where individual wells can be identified and removed without any disturbance of the growing crystals inside the plate
  • -CrystalClear Strips: 96 well crystallization plates with individual removable strips from Douglas Instruments
  • -AxyGem™ Crystallization Plate: 96 well sitting-drop crystallization plate from Axygen Biosciences
  • -CompactClover Jr.™ Crystallization Plate: Patented 96 well sitting-drop well design from Emerald BioSystems

Lipidic Cubic Phase Plates

  • -LCP Glass Sandwich Set: 96 well glass plate for in meso crystallization of membrane proteins from Paul Marienfeld GmbH
  • -Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening Kit: Ready to use plate - robotically adabtable - for lipidic cubic phase crystallization by SWISSCI

Microbatch Plates

  • -MRC Under Oil 96 Well Crystallization Plate: 96 well plate from SWISSCI ideal for both nanoliter crystallization screening and microliter optimization
  • -Impact Plates: 96 well and 1536 well microbatch plates from Greiner Bio-One
  • -Terasaki Plate: 60 well and 72 well microassay plates from Greiner Bio-One
  • -Vapor Batch Plate: 96 well microbatch & sitting drop plate from Douglas Instruments


  • -Cover Slides & Grease: Unsiliconized and siliconized cover slides for hanging drop, sitting drop or sandwich drop set-ups
  • -Sealing Tape: Sealants for macromolecular crystallization set ups: sealing tape for sitting drop, and grease for the hanging drop technique



  • -96 Well Masterblocks & Cap Mats: Empty 96 well masterblocks in standard microplate format

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