Cryo and Room Temperature Crystallography

  • MicroRT™ Tubing and MicroRT™ Aligner 

    The MicroRT™ Tubing and our new MicroRT™ Aligner make room temperature mounting a breeze and will help you save precious crystals
  • Goniometer Bases 

    Discover MiTeGen's goniometer bases: standard, barcoded and reusable
  • Magnetic CryoVials 

    CryoVials with a ring magnet at the open end to attach to a goniometer base (cap), and a magnetic steel ballast at the sealed end to attach to SPINE automounters
  • Mount-Base-Vial Assemblies 

    Ready-to-use assemblies for cryocrystallography. These consist of magnetic CryoVials, your choice of a magnetic goniometer base (cap), and your choice of crystal mounts/loops
  • LV CryoOil™ 

    Mitegen's LV CryoOil™ is the best solution to your oil needs. Ideal for cryprotection and for protection against dehydration and oxidation, especially of very small crystals
  • NVH Oil

    This very high viscosity oil is suitable for room and variable-temperature diffraction measurements
  • Apiezon N 

    A Silicon-Free and Halogen-Free cryogenic vacuum grease that is widely recommended and recognized as the grease of choice in cryogenic applications


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